Forbidden Foods is an Australian company specialising in the sourcing, development and sales of innovative, health focused food products globally.

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Our Brands

Launched in 2012, FUNCH® – Fun, Family, Food. These three words help FUNCH strive to provide better-for-you family food products made from clean ingredients to help young families grow healthy, strong and save time to spend more time together.

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Launched in 2019, Sensory Mill® is home of plant-based foods – In 2022 Sensory Mill launched a flagship range of plant-based meats. Sensory Mill strive to inspire, innovate and educate ways to apply these foods to everyday life.

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Founded to provide a whole new option of healthy snacking, Blue Dinosaur makes little hand-baked snacks consisting of very few ingredients which taste as good as your Nan’s cooking and can fit in your pocket.

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